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10 Washington Beach Towns To Visit


So you’ve required your end-of-the-week escape to Seattle, visited a couple of novel mountain towns in Washington state, and partook in a heartfelt journey in the Evergreen state. What’s going on?

Now is the ideal time to visit a portion of the exquisite beachfront towns in Washington state, ideal for a mid-year excursion escape or a casual, ethereal spring or fall visit.

The excellence of Washington’s waterfront scene is its variety. From miles and miles of sea shores at Long Beach Peninsula to rough coastlines and woodlands close to Neah Bay, the Pacific Northwest’s shoreline and waterfront networks offer special encounters simply ready to be investigated. Whether it’s difficult climbs or a little razor mollusk digging, the Evergreen State’s coastline and waterfront networks invite you.

Neah Bay

At the highest point of the world, as Washingtonians might say, Neah Bay offers the smartest possible scenario with regards to sea fun.

While in Neah Bay, visit the Makah Tribe’s gallery and social focus, where you can see antiques as old as 500 years and visit imitations of huge ancestral history.

Investigate the region by climbing Cape Flattery Trail, a 1.5-mile roundtrip exhibiting Cape Flattery as you investigate the path, taking you along a promenade in a marsh.

Since you’ll have to buy a license to climb the region from the Makah, utilize the pass to likewise visit Shi Beach, with lovely perspectives on the Point of Arches and the Olympic coast.


Bremerton isn’t really a spot you’ll go to partake in the ocean side, yet an extraordinary seaside town in Washington near Seattle and offers a chance to get familiar with Washington’s maritime history.

The biggest city on Kitsap Peninsula with around 38,000 individuals, Bremerton is a Navy town. With the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard situated there, the city is home to the Puget Sound Navy Museum. At the Navy Museum, you can investigate the historical backdrop of the shipyard through intuitive shows, as well as realize what life resembled on board the USS John Stennis, a plane-carrying warship.

While in Bremerton, move on board the USS Joy Turner, a destroyer decommissioned a long time back. Investigate each deck, with its interesting displays, like a big, wreck corridor, and resting quarters.

Long Beach Peninsula

Long Beach Peninsula, or as we called it while we visited, “The LBP”, it’s a curious minimal waterfront town just 3 hours from Seattle or around 7 hours from Spokane. It’s not just a great ocean-side town in Washington express, it’s likewise on our rundown as one of the most outstanding spots to resign in Washington state.

While there is a lot to do in Long Beach itself, you’ll need to investigate the whole Long Beach Peninsula. Long Beach is “home” to the world’s biggest ocean side, with 28 miles of sandy and rough sea shores coating the Pacific Ocean, with passageways.

The ocean side at Long Beach is home to a promenade trail and highlights the World’s Longest Beach Arch (which you can get an image with, yet look out for vehicles!) Known for razor shellfishes, you’ll find individuals with digging tools and pails watching the ocean side in the early morning hours.

Around, Long Beach is home to the World Kite Museum and hosts the International Kite Festival each August. Try to book your visit to Long Beach a very long time quite a bit early to remain during the International Kite Festival, as the town is little and stays inside strolling distance book up rapidly.

Go out to Cape Disappointment State Park and visit the beacon that stands over the conjunction of the Columbia River and the Pacific Ocean. Stand by listening to the thunder of the waves as they run into the bluffs. The Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center feature the undertaking of the Corps of Discovery nearby, and you can walk Discovery Trail to the Lewis and Clark Carved Tree, which observes Lewis and Clark’s excursion.

Port Townsend

With Port Wilson Lighthouse remaining above pleasant Puget Sound, Fort Worden State Park offers an extraordinary investigation of the historical backdrop of the area.

Structures actually stand from the previous base, giving guests a brief look into the post’s part in shielding the sound from likely foes. Walk the post with its weapon positions, officials’ quarters, and different structures.

Dive deeper into the town of Port Townsend itself at the Rothschild House Museum, close to the Old Ferry Dock. Certainly attempt and check whether you can get a docent to show you around, as they are staggeringly information about the region and the actual house.

Around two hours from Olympic National Park, you can design a climbing visit through the recreation area, or set out on a touring journey to Protection Island National Wildlife Refuge, where you can participate in the sake of entertainment bird watching exercises.


With a Viking figure welcoming guests, Poulsbo praises its Scandinavian legacy with shops, eateries, and a bread kitchen.

While in this beguiling Washington state waterfront town, find out about the town’s set of experiences at the Poulsbo Historical Society’s gallery.

The U.S. Maritime Underwater Museum offers a glance at life in submarines, and what makes them work. A noteworthy verifiable investigation of the Navy’s submerged missions, as well as a couple of extraordinary shows, make the gallery a must while visiting Poulsbo.

Offering active involvement in ocean life, for example, starfish and other marine creatures, the Sea Discovery Center is a good time for grown-ups and youngsters. Lean toward non-sea-going creatures? Pet an alpaca or llama at the Sawdust Hill Alpaca Farm.

Oak Harbor

Something like 2 hours from Seattle, Oak Harbor is a lovely, rocky ocean-side town. Misdirection Pass State Park is Washington’s most-well known park, drawing in guests for its bays and rough precipices.

An incredible spot for climbing, kayaking, and swimming, Deception Pass State Park is known for its stunning dusks. Situated on two islands – Fidalgo and Whidbey – the recreation area is associated with Deception Pass Bridge, a two-path span 180 feet over the water, creeping individuals out.

Oak Harbor itself is a curious waterfront town, known for the oak trees that conceal the local area. Home to the Pacific Northwest Naval Air Museum, you can see airplanes that have served the Whidbey Naval Station from World War II through today.

Sea Shores

Fly a kite on the ocean front, or perhaps take a directed horseback ride with the Pacific Ocean a couple of feet away. Sea Shores is an impressive ocean-side local area, home to a wide range of fun exercises, including kayaking and hydro biking, as well as fishing.


With three primary breaks, Westport positions as one of the top spots to ride on the planet. Whether you appreciate “hanging ten,” or watching in amazement as people gently arrange the monster rushes of the Pacific Ocean, there’s a lot to appreciate in this waterfront ocean-side town. You can carry a cookout to the Westport Viewing Tour, with striking perspectives on the sea and the downtown Westport region.

Its sea shores are ideal for strolling, whale watching, and getting a charge out of astounding dusks. Westport’s sea shores are likewise known for razor clamming and getting shellfish.

Port Ludlow

Something like 2 hours from Seattle, Port Ludlow is a beguiling and little local area with unimaginable climbing trails and, surprisingly, a neighborhood cascade. For quite a while, many Port Ludlow inhabitants were retired folks or those with country estates, yet of late as telecommuting turns out to be more normal, you’re starting to see a lot more individuals live there all year.

While visiting Port Ludlow, make certain to look at Shine Tidelands State Park, which is known for its shellfish reaping, kayaking amazing open doors, and a lot of strolling. You likewise won’t have any desire to miss Ludlow Falls, which is only a simple walk/little climb down from the rock parking area.


With a lovely shoreline, Seabrook offers the best of two universes, with simple admittance to the Pacific Ocean and Olympic National Park.

A surfer’s joy, Seabrook’s ocean side offers one of the most outstanding spots for cold water surfing. You could in fact pursue illustrations.

Ideal for whale watching and sailing, Seabrook is likewise a pleasant spot to partake in a stroll along its sea shores. Partake in a drive along the Olympic Peninsula Loop, taking you around the edge of the public park, with its mountains, woods, and regular attractions, including cascades. Seabrook is home to a couple of verifiable galleries, including an exceptionally old lodge, with stories to tell. The Museum of the Northwest investigates the region’s set of experiences.

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