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Great overviews through Japan

When you think of Japan the obvious choice for the entry point is Tokyo first. It is the third-largest city and the center of the Japanese economy. You can think of it as the human core of Japan. Tokyo is a must-see because of its historical importance and rare natural beauty. There are more than 20 million visitors to Tokyo every year and it is impossible to see it all. It has many museums, Shinto shrines, historical castles, and rebuilt condos. In addition to the shrines and temples, you can visit the Imperial Palace and Tokyo Tower. Make sure you always bring a clear bottle of water with you, as these trips can be exhausting.

Tokyo – everyone invited

The sightseeing in Tokyo is amazing. You can purchase the best veils for your eyes here. There are parks, cafes, historic villages, museums and it has the best nightlife of any city in the world. For the vegetarian, there is a multitude of Japanese restaurants. Carnivals and festivals are almost everywhere. You can go on a date-long excursion and see places like Mt. Fuji, temples, gardens, and castles. During the famous Cherry Festival, there is a 14-day tour of Japan that is given a completely guided party. Here you will experience traditional Japanese culture in the streets.

Destinations in Japan are packed with so much to do and see, that it is almost impossible to choose. However, if you limit yourself to one place it is said that Tokyo is the place to be. This is the place to see serene, decorated temples. You can see the Kokoensa flower which blossoms only in March. March is also the month of Katakana which is our flower hog. It blooms from March to June. Many people think that it is too late to visit Japan, but every year they return. Some go back every month. Higashimaya is an amazing place where you can still see the fig trees in the famous Mattaruri which you can only see in this area.

If you limit yourself to one place, it is said that Tokyo is the place to be, however, if you do travel you must go beyond this city and see the views of mountain ranges, Japanese gardens, cherry blossom view, sceneries of Tokyo and if you travel through the night, you will be awed by the night time spectacular city of Tokyo.

The beauties of Japan

The point of a trip to Japan is to see Japan however you can see if you travel through the country. Each area has its specialties. Someone once said that agriculture is the basis of the Japanese economy. I agree, Japanese do not do agriculture for the profit of other people. The land has to be cultivated first before it can be sold or rented. You can see terraced fields with horses and donkeys walking alongside them. During the rainy season, certain areas have miniature harbors. You can even view the seafood that is harvested from boats that are permanently moored on some of the beaches.

Whatever you choose to do on your travel, don’t limit yourself to one area. If you take a look at a map of Japan you will see that it is actually composed of 13 different areas. Each area has its own ethnicity and culture and if you are not careful you can easily get lost. Listed below are the areas that are commonly visited.

Other places you shouldn’t miss in Japan

  1. Tokyo– This large metropolitan city was likable to anyone who has seen the movie “neo-noir” (the original French name for Japan). If you are familiar with the book, the streets of Tokyo are similar to the streets of Paris. It is hectic and frenetic. You might wish to stay out of the central areas of the city when you visit this large city. Instead venture to the North, South, and West. You will be much closer to nature.
  2. Kyoto– This romantic and beautiful city offers many deals that are within easy reach of a city hotel. The climate is considered to be mild, even in January and February. The city temple ticket is also reasonable.
  3. Nara– This imperial capital of the country is also located in the south of the country. It has been made famous in the form of the Second Coming of Christ. You will find that there are a large number of buildings related to the history of the country all in the Nara. Do not miss the famous incense burners located on stages and in the open.
  4. Saga– This city is situated in the valley of the Ohara River. It is quite famous for the fortress and surrounding mountains. You can set up camp along the watchtowers and ride their horses along the river. Besides the interesting ruins of the fortress is the Ryokanji Temple.
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