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Not so common tourist attractions

Attraction as a word in itself speaks of the fact that it is something tempting, interesting, and probably unusual. However, some attractions are standard and can be possessed by many tourist destinations, while there are also those unusual, strange tourist attractions that you can ask your local real estate Dewitt NY about. For some, these attractions are interesting, for some they are just weird, but it is certainly interesting to read about them. These are the first part of the list of the strangest attractions in Europe you can visit if you go on a tour of European destinations.

A tropical island in the heart of Germany

If you ever decide to tour Berlin, where you have a day off that you would like to dedicate to a slightly different adventure, and at the same time you love swimming and beaches, don’t be surprised by a completely unexpected option for a trip. Visit the tropical islands indoors, which are located in the heart of Germany, about 60 kilometers away from Berlin, and which create the impression of distant exotic destinations. Welcome to the Tropical World.

Although there are many lakes where you can refresh yourself in Germany, this attraction adorned with palm trees and other plants, sand, pools, deck chairs and cafes give the impression of a tropical beach which is located in a huge air hangar the size of about 10 football fields, it is the most perfect place to go around on trek bikes Ontario. How popular this attraction has become is also shown by the fact that the complex has recently been expanded with an aqua park, slides, and outdoor pools. Interesting isn’t it?

Inverary Prison in Scotland – this is what life in a 19th century prison looked like

Would you like to see what life in prison from the beginning of the 19th century looked like? The Inveraray Prison in Scotland not only offers a look at what the prison looked like, but you can also feel what life in the prison itself looked like. You can choose to spend some time in a prison cell, and even “simulate” what the process of punishing prisoners through various methods of torture looked like. Of course, this time it’s not real, no one will hurt you, don’t worry.

Phallulological Museum – Reykjavik (Iceland)

We think that there is no need to talk much about what the exhibition in the Phallulological Museum contains, that is. We all know what can be found in the Phallus Museum. The first question that many ask is why such a museum exists. However, the owners say that their collection of over 200 species of different animal phalluses, as well as many more different sculptures or objects of this shape, is real science in itself that goes far back in history. We will take their word for it. Maybe the title of the strangest attraction in Europe should go to this museum?

The fairytale Hallstatt in Austria has a church with 600 human skulls

Although known as a fairytale town, the Austrian town of Hallstatt, which is surrounded by high mountains on one side and a lake on the other, with high barometric pressure, also has its strange side. The beautiful and famous church that dominates the view of the city of Hallstatt hides a strange and somewhat morbid room. Michael’s chapel, the church in Hallstatt has a room with over 600 skulls with decorative flowers painted on them. They have become a popular attraction today, and the skulls date back to a time when this small town in Austria ran out of cemetery solutions. This ranks Hallstatt among the strangest attractions in Europe and beyond.

Beer pools in Austria

Beer lovers would usually say that paradise in their eyes is some top-notch bar. However, beer paradise takes on a completely different meaning if you visit the mountain village of Taren in Austria. Tucked away among mountain peaks and dense forest, the Austrian brewery Starkenberger offers a completely unexpected experience for all visitors. In addition to having the opportunity to try a fantastic Austrian beer, visitors have the opportunity to swim in the pools filled with beer! Unlike the beer, we don’t know does cbd oil expire in a short period of time.

This time, it is not about ordinary pools filled with beer, but huge antique balloons and beer fermentation vessels in which beer is prepared before bathing. Swimming in beer is not only interesting, but it is also good for the skin, although the owner of the brewery mortgage broker LA says that it is not planned to drink beer directly from the pool.

Medieval Crime Museum in Germany

The Middle Ages are rightly known as the “Dark Ages”. In addition to the poor education of the population and serious diseases that could not be cured, the Middle Ages are also known as the period when terrible tortures were committed by order, but also incredible crimes. This museum in the German city of Rothenburg ob der Tauber shows just that. What the medieval world of crime looked like, also has people from acting classes putting a show for tourists about this lifestyle. You will agree that it is very unusual and can be said to be a strange tourist attraction.

Mundaneum Museum – Google Search without Internet?

The Mundaneum Museum is a recently renovated and refurbished concept initiated by a Belgian lawyer in the early twentieth century who had to sell a business for it. He desired to gather all the world’s knowledge into a single collection with special cataloging and library experience. For this huge collection of knowledge made up of old newspapers, indexes, posters, catalogs, and other useful things to come to life and be easily searchable, the Belgian standardized the search method and even designed a “telescope” for remote access to documents and catalogs. Something like Google today, just a few hundred years before the Internet. Cool isn’t it?

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