Outlook Hill

Outdoor Peninsula – Hill Top Mrakas – Great Overviews

Robben Island’s – Hill Top Mrakas has amazing views over the entire labyrinth of the island.

There are only a few guest accommodations on the island. Perhaps it will be a nice souvenir to return to the place where you made your memorable journey. There are some prepositions for you to visit.

Durban and its surrounds (coastal area) have more than 100 km’s long beaches, one more incredible offering of the beauty of the Kenyan coast. You will hardly decide on this destination, among others, and it is a shame to miss it. One way to visit this part of the world, if you’re lucky, is to act in one of the movies just being shot here, so why not visit online acting classes purely out of curiosity?!

Diversity in the landscape with vegetation and shrubbery never fails to delight the tourist. This is a must for all adventure lovers. Outdoor activities never fail to offer the most dramatic moments of an enjoyable excursion. Just lie back on sands, enjoy the amazing scenery as waves sublime within the mouth of graceful swells. Or take a ride on the wild winds to experience the Liston wind current in the wild areas of the island. Famous in the whole world for wild ocean waves that dance to the tune of the rhythm of the waves, the beaches at Durban are sure to please all those who have a passion for sports and entertainment. It is advisable to bring with you in your bag japanese shears because they can be very helpful in any situation.


The Mornington Peninsula: If you came to Kenya for the scenic beauty of nature and breathtaking sceneries, the Mornington Peninsula will be a real treat for you. Established in 1882, this place replaced a saddle on the island that was used to train cattle and horses.

Ras Kutani National Monument (game parks) and Aberdare National Park (a sort of desert reserve) both offer panoramic views of the mountain rime of the Aberdare Mountains, together with the rich diversity of flora and fauna. Troops and visitors can view the animals including eland and red colobus monkeys, gazelles, lizards, tortoises, and so many others.

Ras Kutani

Rashengeni National Park (game reserve) is located at an altitude of 3, Chairutes. It has a panoramic view of the Aberdare mountains. Troops and visitors can view a large variety of birds and wildlife. The sun rises daily and shines all around the park.

Anahulujo National Park (aviary) is a birdwatcher’s paradise. It holds more than 20 different species of birds together with the endangered African Wild Dog.

African wild dog

Makuhari National Park (park) with its miles of footpaths, viewpoints, and shaded pools, is ideal for walking and cycling holidays.

Nature Rides – If you want to learn and experience all the wilder sides of Kenya, there are a number of nature trails that will make your vacation experience extra special. The most popular nature trails in Kenya are the ones that lead to Aberdare Falls.

Did you know?…

  • The largest river in the world, the Kunene, the Gura Gosa, a big blue with a dot in the middle of it, flows through the Great Rift Valley, the longest river in Africa.
  • The foundation of the Aberdare Restoration twenty years ago (the land around the crater of the crater) consumed all the rivers in the region.
  • The Great Rift Valley has been a sacred site since the time of the Rated Conception. It was a wish of the leaders of thieves that went on in the region in the 1950s that this would happen. It was considered a holy place of some importance to the local community.

For each year a midsummer festival is held, involving the whole community, with the prayer to the gods performed in the local church followed by the performance of traditional African dances. During the spring festival, all the community takes part in a pilgrimage to the shrine, where they turrets the breakfast. During the summer one can see the whole community, either individually or in groups, coming to the shrine, wearing colored red between April and August.

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