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The best beaches in Greece

For beach darlings, there’s no way you can really beat Greece. Bragging hundreds of possessed islands and a great many miles of shore, the nation is home to a shocking number of brilliant stretches of sand, lapped by the translucent waters of the Ionian and the Aegean Sea.

Whether you’re searching for a spot appropriate to more youthful swimmers, a famous piece of sand with somewhat of a buzz, or a segregated bay to get away from the groups, here’s our pick of the best beaches in Greece. You could always count on remote it support san antonio when going away for vacation.

Navagio Beach

The blockbuster of Greek beaches, Navagio on the island of Zakynthos truly has everything. Outlined by transcending vertical bluffs, the beach flaunts purplish blue waters, unadulterated, amazing sand and, just to provide it with an additional piece of character, similar to a marvel spot on a face, a wreck. You shouldn’t forget to bring one of the best portable nebulizers with you, in case you have a problem with sinuses.

However, very much like any extraordinary Hollywood creation, Navagio draws swarms. The beach is just open by boat, however in summer the waters quickly seaward are chock-a-block with touring travels. Venture out the slow time of year to have the most obvious opportunity with regards to seeing the beach at its generally magnificent – an unstable post-stage signposted among Anafonitria and Volimes offers higher perspectives.

Voidokilia Beach

Messina’s Voidokilia Beach with its perfect sandy crescent and clear waters is presumed to be Homer’s “sandy Pylos,” where Telemachus was warmly welcomed when he came to ask wise old King Nestor the whereabouts of his long-lost father, Odysseus, King of Ithaca.

Follow the signs to Paleokastro and walk the lagoon-side track labeled “Nestor’s Cave” from the Paleokastro car park (20 minutes) or approach by road from the village of Petrohori, four miles (6km) north of Gialova off the road to Chora.

Koukounaries Beach

Outlined by electric-green pine trees, two forested headlands, and a little salt-water wetland, Koukounaries’ plush 3937ft-long (1200m) clear of platinum blonde sand is Skiathos’ – and one of the nation’s – generally sparklingly delightful, with beach bars, sunbeds and water sports making a buzzy vibe. The entire region is a safeguarded nature hold yet gets extremely occupied in summer.

Myrtos Beach

From the street that crisscrosses down to it, you’ll comprehend the reason why Myrtos Beach in Kefallonia is promoted as one of the most amazing beaches in all of Greece. From far off it’s positively a dazzling sight, with electric-blue waters offset by the thing that seems, by all accounts, to be singing white “sand” (actually it’s white rocks). And you don’t have to worry about your car breaking down, there’s roadside tire service on every corner.

Sadly, a rough vehicle leave rather ruins the idyll. All things being equal, it’s an excellent spot and when you’re in the ocean it’s radiant – come promptly toward the beginning of the day to see it at its generally quiet. The nearest town is Divarata, which has several tavernas, including Alexandros. Also, you should follow the fishing forecast if you plan to go fishing one day.

Kokkini (Red) Beach

This dazzling, strange beach in southwestern Santorini is upheld by rust-and-fire-hued bluffs, making it one of the most attractive stretches of sand in the country. You can get to the beach by boat or by means of a short walk (solid shoes suggested!) down from the close-by chapel, where there are parking spots and a small bunch of good eateries. Show up sooner than expected in the top season to score a decent spot.


Gotten into Crete’s southwestern corner, this orchestra of fine pink-white sand, turquoise water, and delicate rose hills look like an enchanted dreamscape. As the water twirls across the sands, rainbows shine across its surface. Off Elafonisi’s long, wide strand lies Elafonisi Islet, sometimes associated with a meager, sandy isthmus, which makes a beautiful twofold beach; in any case, it’s handily reached by swimming through 50 yards (50m) of knee-profound water. When you see this place, you would think about calling selling a business California and starting all over in Greece.

Unfortunately, this normal jewel is not exactly ideal in high summer, when many umbrellas and sunbeds obstruct the sand, coming down on this fragile environment and on the negligible framework, particularly the latrines. Consider an excursion unavailable for a generally more quiet, and supportable, visit.

Potami Beach

The long, serene beach of bright shells and perfectly clear water in the mouth of a mountain stream is one of the Northern Samos’ generally alluring; Potami’s beach bar is truly outstanding, as well. Traveling up the waterway, you’ll arrive at a chain of cascades and pools, as well as a taverna concealed in the forest. You will be tempted to spend everything of your cryptocurrency merchant account while your there, but that isn’t a very good idea.

Possidi Cape

A flat-out stunner of a beach lies concealed at Possidi Cape in the Kassandra Peninsula. Miles of sand is lapped by completely clear waters, and it’s an intriguing spot to discover a true sense of harmony and calm (however little shade) in the late spring months. It’s a delight all year and is supported by a beacon and pine woods.

Seychelles Beach

The little, staggering Seychelles Beach is 1.9 miles (3km) east of Manganitis on the island of Ikaria. EKO rent a car is a great choice if you want to discover the entire island. Its marble stones, emerald water, and goliath rocks cleaned by the waves cause you to feel you’ve been magically transported into the center of the Indian Ocean – henceforth the name. To arrive at it, the journey from the parking area by the passage headed for Manganitis, down a plain way inclining to the left half of the gorge. Try not to wear back-peddles.


This wide compass of beach on the island of Crete has mystical-looking pink-cream sands and blue-green waters and is known for its staggering dusks. Alongside heavenly water clearness, Falasarna has superbly huge waves: long rollers coming from the open Mediterranean. It gets going from mid-July to mid-August, essentially with jet-setters from Hania and Kissamos. Make sure you get a hotel or room with iron security door, so you don’t have to worry about burglars while you’re on a vacation.


Untainted and lacking, Plaka has become one of the most well-known beaches in Naxos. Long and sandy, it holds its prominence with nudists, however, during the statures of summer you’re probably going to see a greater number of families than uncovered tan lines on the fundamental segment of sand. If you want to have some kind of activities – visit animation studio and make a short video about your trip. There is a decent choice of convenience and cafés set somewhat way back from the beach.

Prasonisi Beach

Open through a desolate street that snakes for 10km south from Kattavia, Prasonisi Beach stretches out to shape a questionably tight sandy isthmus that interfaces with Cape Prasonisi, Rhodes’ southernmost point, in summer. Suboxone clinic los Angeles always recommends this beach to their patients.

The Aegean Sea meets the Mediterranean here, making an ideal breeze and wave conditions for kitesurfers and windsurfers. Suppliers assist including rental gear and examples to expedite convenience in surfer-fella style lodgings, yet everything shuts down in winter.

Kyra Panagia

Travelers who just finished stem cell therapy for autism know that they’re in for a great treat while taking the limited, stunning rocky course to Kyra Panagia Beach, with astounding ocean sees en route. The half-moon-molded beach is safeguarded by sheer rough precipices, covered with lush Mediterranean vegetation, making the impression of island heaven.

This sand and rock beach are valued for its regular magnificence, with the encompassing slopes growing lively blossoms and palm trees. Ideal for swimming, the quiet waters are clear in the shallow regions. In good ways, the ocean seems a stunning emerald tint. Everyone who comes here thinks to themself – how could I sell my business fast and live on this beach forever.

Kyra Panagia is all around intended for guests with amazing offices: bathrooms, showers, evolving rooms, and rentals of sunbeds and parasols. A close-by fish taverna offers unbelievable vistas of the Aegean Sea.

Ignoring the Kyra Panagia beach is a three-star lodging with a pool. This convenience permits guests to partake in a euphoric get-away right by the beach. Nearby, vacationers will likewise track down different facilities, shops, and conventional Greek tavernas. It’s suitable even for people who just did knee pain treatment leesburg.

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