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Hong Kong – Some of the Best Viewpoint

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HONG KONG is very much ‘abroad’. Yet, ever the lover, a visit to Hong Kong remains a must. Hong Kong is also very ‘abroad’ in the sense that it is, for the most part, evaluated to the mainland of China. However, you cannot really ‘see’ Hong Kong as being ‘abroad’. Hong Kong is divided into two main areas: Hong Kong island and the mainland.

Hong Kong Island is a rental vacation resort that has been taken over by the Chinese. It is important to show consideration for this fact when booking a hotel. The mainland is entirely different from the island. It is important to go to the mainland to see how modern and Westernized it is. Hong Kong is a city of many opportunities where a lot of actors live and work. If you want to try your hand at this job, sign up for online acting classes.

Most people make their way to the island and stay there for about a week. This will not really give you a chance to see the real Hong Kong. So, book a hotel and stay a few weeks to get a nice sampling of the “real” Hong Kong. Don’t forget to bring organic baby pajamas for your kid if you are traveling with your family.

The Three Gorges area (although many people auto-assign the area to one of two or even all three of the rather fine ancient wonders) is a good place to start. This is a very authentic part of Hong Kong and you will find many old Hong Kongers living and trading here (try the BBQ restaurants up at the Titanic Restaurant –they are very good and well priced).

The Three Gorges – Landscape China

The Mai La area is just delightful; there are even walking tours. You will get to see a lot of great Hong Kong Island wildlife in this area as well. Sberbank (inventor of the now-defunct Hong Kong Mint) used to be located in the Ferry Building. It is also now up on the 4th floor of the Apple Building in Taipei. quality is somewhat varied from day to day, but the (main) Hong Kong Tourist Board estimates that less than a quarter of the visitors leave the island without experiencing some kind of nightlife. However, I am told that before the 1997 summer Olympics, only about 80% of the visitors left the island without tasting some of the magnificent nightlife! Nearly all visitors to Hong Kong come for the shopping. For hauling around the island, Hong Kong drivers are willing to adapt their routes to suit assistive hearing so that is not a problem. Maybe this is the right place where you can find suitable saddle blankets.

Three particular neighborhoods in Hong Kong are of interest to serious shoppers.

SoHo: this is the ‘cheapest place’ as far as real estate is concerned. Home to the UK’s Vickers Fashion and Arts retailer, SoHo is definitely a shopping overload zone. If you are serious about being serious about shopping, you need to head to SoHo.

Wangjing SoHo

Mongkok: It is named after the ‘Three Gorges’ dam which overlooks the city and is, by most accounts, the coolest and most upmarket part of Hong Kong. Shopping opportunities are at par in terms of quality and quantity with the other proper places in Hong Kong. I do advise you to buy XS Chang all of your shopping bags because it is a shopping mecca!

Mong Kok

Stanley WC (Wat Kennedy) is a shopping and entertainment mecca. Opened in the 1940s, the top floor of the complex has the coveted position of being the best spot to be in. If you need something for that hole-in-the-wall, you either have a friend that sells it or you go to a car rental office. Stanley WC is also a great place to go shopping on your own. The streets tend to be quite empty for most of the mid-day winters as people either go to the fridge or inside to shop. At this point, you will want to be outside at the ice rink. There are gigantic air conditioning units that cost nowhere near as much as their Western counterparts, maintain asleep, solve ceiling fans and make the wait worth it. You can check out some irontech dolls while you there.

The Gardens By The Bay are a huge commotion compared to say the Somerset Mews. Here you see places like Central Park and the extremely impressive Chanel Swim wearing just your bathing suit.

Chinese enormous feather tiles Isles and enormous expensive residences separate the Butlins from the rest of the world. The area is said to be the cultural and social hub of Hong Kong and is probably the main thing that pulls the upscale tourists. You actually get to go to the gated complex at night and can walk to your destinations. I only recommend you bring cruises in a very low season when the rates are ridiculously high.

The Garden by the Bay is probably the most counterproductive place in Hong Kong.

If you are adventurous, you can sit on trek bikes Ontario and visit Hong Kong in that manner.

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